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Brise Pant: A Modern Rock Climbing Pant

Tired of finishing climbing and then having to change into some street clothes to go out after?

Your problem has been solved with the new Foehn pants, they are performance rock climbing pants with a modern aesthetic. Compared to big cargo pants that most climbers wear they fit more like skinny jeans.

They are relaxed through the thigh and made with four-way stretch woven fabric so you can get full range of motion. Often, I find myself rolling up pant legs when I am out climbing so that I can see exactly where my feet are but there is no need for that with the Brise Pant.

The pant leg has a narrow opening and an elastic cuff, not the extra bulk and fabric like with jeans or traditional hiking pants.

Foehn has done a great job of combining a pant that is great while climbing with a fashionable look that is equally as practical around town.

They are definitely the most stylish rock pants I have ever put on but not only are they fashionable they also offer several features that climbers will find useful. The thigh pocket is harness friendly and offers a separate compartment inside for a phone and a key loop to attach your keys.

Too many times I have found myself trying to pull out a route description or a bar while at the same time trying to juggle not dropping my keys or phone that are in the same pocket, these two features eliminate those issues.

Being made with a double weave fabric the pant is made to be durable and comfortable; this also makes the fabric a bit thicker too. The Brise Pant is perfect for 3 season use but might be a little too warm on the hottest days in the summer.

They’d make a great early season mixed pant as well, the narrow leg opening and elastic cuff will reduce crampons vs pant legs incidences.

If you have been searching for a colourful pair of pants The Brise Pant has options for you, check out their colour choices, along with standard pant colours they offer photographer friendly burgundy and aqua too.

Foehn, founded by Ingrid Sirois and Anthony Boronowski is the creator of The Brise Pant, they are climbers and are currently running a Kickstarter campaign which ends 18 August 2017 to get them going.

Their Kickstarter has already received more then 780 per cent of the required funding to get the project off the ground.

You can find out more and order your own pair here.

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