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The New DMM Dragon 7 and 8 are Big Cams

The biggest announcement (literally) from DMM this year is the addition of two large siblings to the Dragon Cam family, a size 7 and 8.

These are for those difficult-to-protect wide cracks up to 195 mm (7.5 inches). They share the same standout features as the smaller Dragons, including the hot forged lobes and spindle block with a complex, yet lightweight design.

If you’re one of those folks who like offwidths, it’s always good to have the right sized protection. These aren’t the most revolutionary pieces of new gear, but they do employ DMM’s cutting edge cam design, which means more bite and durability.

We love the smaller versions of the Dragons and always have them on our rack. Hopefully we won’t find ourselves in too many places where we need a number 7 or 8, but we can’t wait to try them out. Look for them in spring 2018.