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Review: The Evolv Oracle is Perfect for Projects

The new Evolv Oracle is an ultra performance series shoe with a high-performance downturned lace-up build designed for steep sport routes, bouldering and gym climbing.

Despite having an aggressive last, the shoe conforms quickly to your feet allowing you to edge of vertical rock and overhanging plastic.

It has a 1.6mm half-length midsole that curls your toes under for grabbing and a 4.2mm grippy outsole rubber.

The speed lacing system is amazing and helps snug up the high-tension heel rand to crank your foot snugly into place. They excel on heel hooking.


The high forefoot toe-hooking zone helps with scumming and toe hooks.

We recommend the Oracle to climbers seeking a high-end shoe that can perform on the hardest of projects.

What Evolv Says

The next step in performance. Utilizing the “Love Bump” and “Knuckle Box” for maximum edging power and comfort, coupled with an all-new high-tension heel rand and “Dark Spine” heel midsole, the Oracle gives the highest level of fit and control available on the market.

Speed laces run through the FSS Heel Tensioner giving unparalleled support, locking the heel into maximum power on any angle.

Love Bump/Knuckle Box

The Knuckle Box is a slightly oversized, down-turned toe box that is designed to allow your toes to move more freely and allows the big toe to remain in its naturally curled position without being obstructed.

The Love Bump compliments the Knuckle Box by filling in the dead space under your toes and adding more energy towards the surface.

Both features combine to make sort of a beak-shaped climbing platform that is supportive and also versatile enough for some of the toughest climbing situations.