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Voluntary Recall: Climbing Gear Can Erode

Wild Country has issued a voluntary recall for the Superlight Rocks. More information below

Wild Country, one of the industry’s leading brands, has issued a voluntary recall for their Superlight Rocks. They issued a statement, saying: “Taking safety and product reliability as our biggest priority, we want to share this information with you thoroughly, so you know what steps to take with your Superlight Rocks.”

Wild Country recently learned that when the Superlight Rocks are exposed to maritime seaside conditions with high concentrations of salt and/or humid climate with a salty atmosphere for an extended period of time, corrosion inside of the ferrule (the swage covered in plastic that is labeled with the name of the product) can occur. This can significantly reduce the breaking strength of the chocks and may therefore become dangerous for a climber in the event of a fall from height.

Do all Superlight Rocks need to be returned? Wild Country says, “Yes, as this corrosion process is not visible to the user and cannot be identified, we strongly recommend stopping using the Superlight Rocks immediately and following the recall instructions.” More information here.