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Watch Good Film on How Edelrid Ropes are Made

In this 10-minute film, Weigh My Rack asks Germany-based Edelrid to walk them through every step of the rope making process.

Watch the intricate details of what it takes to make a quality climbing rope from the raw materials to finished product.

About Ropes: Ropes used for rock climbing are dynamic ropes, designed to stretch on impact to absorb the energy generated by a fall. For most cragging and single pitch climbing, a single rope with a diameter of 9–10mm is ideal.

For longer routes, alpine climbs and winter conditions, you might opt for a dual rope system with thinner ropes used in pairs.

Dynamic ropes are very durable. Despite what you might see in action movies, they don’t break under normal use.

They are constructed with a tightly braided sheath (the coloured part) that protects the load-bearing core, and manufacturers must test them rigorously and systematically.

Static ropes have very little stretch and are not used for climbing, only for hauling gear or in rescue situations where there is no chance that a fall that will shockload them.