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Megalith is a New Kind of Hangboard

The Megalith Hangboard is a new kind of training tool. This highly adjustable model offers more possible grip positions than its peers.

Normally, adjustable hangboards start with a concept. The general problem trends toward the complexity of the instrument. Although there is nothing wrong with an adjustable design, a hangboard should be simple.

In order to keep this simplicity, the people at Megalith Climbing have decided to retain only two moving parts. The first adjusts the depth of the grip, the second adjusts the angle of the bar. The bar doubles as both a sloper rung and a pull-up bar.

Although the Beastmaker 2000 has gotten away without a jug feature, climbers will note the original Beastmaker 1000 came with jug grips on either corner. Although the 2000’s slopers have become famous, a personal hangboard requires a fat jug for hanging and pulling  exercises.

While the point of the hangboard does direct itself toward finger strength, a modern system should not limit itself to finger-strength training. The ideal board will cater to as many exercises as possible all while taking up the least amount of space.

Together, the two parallel wooden pieces of pulling surface take up 4.5 vertical inches. To that effect, the board stretches 25.75 inches end to end. This allows almost anyone to hangboard with their hands spaced at a shoulder’s width.

The topmost length of hardwood comes in a convex shape that makes a comfortable jug when left at its most minimal setting. This sloping edge rotates about the x-axis increasing the steepness of that slope. It has six potential settings at 10-degree increments. At its steepest, the sloper rotates to 60 degrees.

While this feature does offer a comfortable approach to pull-up exercises and sloped hangs, the most essential aspect of any hangboard comes down to the edge size. Historically, adjustable hangboards have seemed like a good idea because they offer the climber the most training widths for value.

This board negotiates the potential pitfalls of adjustability by making it easy. The button-based system allows for one, internal slide to increase or reduce the edge size at the climber’s discretion. This allows for edges ranging from 5 millimetres to 45 millimetres.

Due to the fact that the moving parts are exclusively composed of metal and move upon metal slides, the Megalith hangboard is easily adjusted without the fear of breaking the smaller components. Furthermore, the metal pieces resist gunk build. The blocking edge features a wooden backstop so as to ensure comfort.

The wooden horizontals will absorb sweat and make for better grip while reducing the damage to the skin. In addition, the Megalith hangboard does not feature any plywood. Some manufacturers use plywood for their hangboards. Although extremely absorbent, plywood becomes fragile on small grips. At a 5-millimetre minimum, the climber will enjoy the fact that the Megalith hangboard avoids fragility.

This final attribute is significant. A good hangboard will not break. The best thing about the Tension Grindstone or the Beastmaker 2000 comes from the fact that they do not wear out. Although the holds may become greasy will time, the board itself offers a bullet proof design. The Megalith offers this same level of durability, despite the fact that it has moving parts.

How does it compare to the other two? The Megalith has more edge sizes and options than both boards combined. It features jugs, slopers, and edges. Naturally, some will ask about the pocket features that do not come with the Megalith. The beauty of an adjustable board comes from its flexibility as a training tool. Simply adjust and try two or three or one finger grip positions.

If this seems like a hangboard that you might want, you can consider donating to their kickstarter. Unfortunately, this board will never exist unless their kickstarter hits their threshold to get off the ground.

This homegrown project out of Salt Lake City offers the real possibility of becoming something great. It seems to be the best new hangboard of 2021 and at least as good as its industry-leading peers.

Featured Image by Megalith Climbing.

Check out the Kickstarter here.

Check out Megalith Climbing here.