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Ontario Climbing Gyms Reopen

Indoor Climbing is returning to Ontario! The Rock Oasis and Boulderz Climbing Centre opened July 6 while Rockhead's and Up the Bloc will open July 15!

It finally happened. Ontario has approved climbing gyms to begin their reopening process.

Climbing gyms in Ontario have been waiting patiently for covid-19 closure restrictions to lift. According to The Rock Oasis Website, Toronto Bylaw officials finally allowed for climbing gyms to begin their reopening process.

As a result, Monday, July 6 saw the reopening of two of Ontario’s most established climbing gym companies. The Rock Oasis and Boulderz Climbing Centre have each opened their doors to members, provided that they follow the new safety guidelines that are in place.

Members will have to book sessions in advance and, currently, walk ins are not welcome. It is the hope of all climbing gyms in the province, that this will change as restrictions lift. For the moment, membership options for these two facilities do allow for punch pass holders and members are not required unfreeze their memberships unless they wish to climb.

In the wake of their reopening campaign, Ontario has seen other climbing gyms prepare to reopen. Joe Rockhead’s, Canada’s first climbing gym, is currently in the process of reopening. On July 15, the facility will be open to members.

Also on July 15, Mississauga’s Up the Bloc will reopen for its members. On Aug. 1, the facility will open to guests as well.

For details on these facilities and their reopening plans, visit their websites. That which is consistent amongst all facilities, however, are the roughly two-hour climbing-time slots as well as the need to book in advance. There will be lots of hand washing and masks will be required in the facilities during climb time.