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Youth Bouldering National Champions Crowned in Burlington

Over the weekend, top youth climbers across the country gathered at Climber’s Rock in Burlington, Ontario to vie for top honours at the 2015 Canadian National Youth Bouldering Competition. 

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The competition spanned a full three days, with Qualifiers on Sat., Feb. 14, Semis on Sun., Feb 15, all culminating with the top competitors in the Final round on Mon., Feb 16.

Climber’s Rock

Photo Matt Chapman
Photo Matt Chapman

Photographer Matt Chapman reported from the last day:

“It was a cold weekend in Burlington, ON, where the top Canadian youth boulders gathered at Climber’s Rock for the National Championships.  Thankfully it was warm indoors, as well as loud, electric and awe-inspiring, as phenomenal young athletes defied gravity – and expectations – to earn their places on the podium.

The setting crew: Aaron Eden, Shaun Hunter, Evgenii Kremlev, and Selena Wong, created an amazing variety of challenges for these climbers.  The problems tested and demanded a wide range of skills that the athletes needed to utilize within five-minute time frames. In other words, climbers had to be well prepared if they were going to do well in this tough, fast moving, beta-intensive competition – and they were.

The show never let up, as dynos, abstract chimney climbs, bat hangs, and at times, actual flying entertained a crowd that packed Climber’s Rock to the walls.  On day three, the finalists faced a monumental task: calm those nerves, stay focused, read the problem on the wall, correct mistakes as you go, be strong, be careful, and if you want to secure your victory, do all of that on your first try, four problems in a row.

In total, eight national champions from eight categories claimed gold and a spot on the Canadian Youth National Team.  They were joined by many other top finishers to form a National squad that is sure to make Canadian climbing friends, family and fans very proud in the months and years to come.”

Women’s Results

Youth C – Indiana Chapman
Youth B – Sophie Buitendyk
Youth A – Beth Vince
Junior – Becca Frangos

Men’s Results

Youth C – Emet Marrale
Youth B – Zach Richardson
Youth A – Lucas Uchida
Junior – Sam Tiukuvaara

For full results, check out Youth Bouldering Canada.

Photo Matt Chapman
Becca Frangos Photo Matt Chapman