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Alannah Yip Sends Her First 5.13d

Alannah Yip has been applying her indoor competition climbing skills to the great outdoors this summer and progressing quickly.

This week, Yip sent Division Bell 5.13d at the Big Show wall north of Squamish. On Instagram, Yip noted, “Yesterday I sent my hardest route to date – Division Bell 5.13d/8b.”

Over the past few months in the Squamish area, 23-year-old Yip has climbed two 5.13as, including Young Blood and Dirty Rascals.

In the world of competition climbing, Yip’s top finishes were second in Female Youth B Speed at North American Championships in 2008, fifth at Chongquing World Cup in 2017 and ninth at the Navi Mumbai World Cup in 2017.

Logan Barber also sent Division Bell in the past week. He’s been on the West Coast working on Cobra Crack 5.14 this summer. Click on the clip below to watch Yip send.