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Alex Khazanov Starts Year with Another V15

Israeli crusher Alex Khazanov started 2018 by sending the well-known and often-tried Switzerland problem Story of Two Worlds V15 in Cresciano.

He wrote on Instagram after: “”Story of two worlds”!!! A great way to start my 2018! The weather here in Ticino is the worst I have experienced in any of my climbing trips so far, rain, snow, fog, you name it.

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“Fortunately for me, I managed to use the small, one day window of good weather to my advantage, sometimes miracles do happen. Is it 8C (V15)? Perhaps, perhaps not, but who am I to judge?”

Khazanov has been climbing since 2005 and has an impressive list of competition results: first in Bouldering Israeli Nationals in 2015, first in Israel Lead Nationals in 2014, third in Youth Bouldering World Ranking in 2014, third in European Youth Cup Overall in 2014 and third in Youth Bouldering World Ranking in 2013.

In 2017, Khazanov left the army and started climbing full time. He travelled around the world and climbed classics like Meadowlark Lemon V14 in Nevada.

Khazanov has sent four V15s, including Practice of the Wild, Ill Trill, and Monkey Wedding.

Story of Two Words was first climbed in 2005 by Dave Graham. There was some controversy about it back in the day.

Dai Koyamada thought he’d done the problem back in 2010, but others told him he started on the wrong holds. He returned in 2012 and started lower.

Koyamada then found out that in 2010 he climbed the correct route. He graded his new low start V16.

In 2013, Carlo Traversi climbed it, watch below.

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