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Alex Megos Climbs New 5.15b and Flashes 5.14b in Spain

From flashing 5.14 to established a handful of new 5.15 routes, Megos made his presence known

German climber Alex Megos, 29, has shared the news about his successful three-week trip to Margalef, Spain, where he climbed hard new routes at recently opened crags. He also made a public comment on chipped holds that he found.

Early in the month, he made the first ascent of Full Journey, which he’s graded 5.15b. In 2018, Megos made history at the crag when he made the first ascent of Perfecto Mundo 5.15c. “The first part is pure power-endurance on mostly two finger pockets with a hard mono move in the middle,” said Megos about his new 5.15. “The second part is a boulder with a rather violent dead point move to a mono and a few more hard moves after.”

In spring, Tom Bolger bolted the mega line and climbed the first 18 metres to a good rest at 5.15a. Megos had climbed the upper 17 metres at 5.14d in April, so returned this month to attempt the link. After 12 goes he completed a no-fall ascent at 5.15b.

Megos said that it was one of his best trips to the area since he started visiting a decade ago. During his stay, he also made the first ascent of Chan Chan Bastarda 5.15a/b, Pink Patatas 5.15a, Patatas Pantera 5.15a, Patatas el Villano 5.14c, Patatas Satan 5.14c, and climbe Red Ram 5.15a on his third go.

The full list of his climbs from the month are below. In August, Megos climbed a new 5.15b in France, read about it here.

Megos in Spain

– The Full Journey 5.15b (FA)
– Chan Chan Bastards 5.15a/b (FA)
– Pink Patatas 5.15a (FA)
– Red Ram 5.15a (3rd go)
– Gancho Perfecto 5.14d/15a
– The Journey P1 5.14d
– Patatas Pantera 5.14d (FA)
– Perfecto Passat 5.14d
– Pink Pantera 5.14c
– Patatas el villano 5.14c (FA)
– Patatas Satan 5.14c (FA)
– Off the Tractor 5.14b
– Patan Satan 5.14b
– Patan el villano 5.14b (Flash)

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