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Alex Megos Finishes 2015 With 5.15b Send

Alex Megos is one of the world’s strongest sport climbers and ended 2015 with a send of First Round, First Minute 5.15b.

What a way to leave 2015 behind, with the third ascent of one of the worlds hardest routes. On his Instagram, Megos wrote, “My first highlight of 2015 was Lucid Dreaming, my first ever V15… on my last go of the year, I did my hardest  route ever with First Round, First Minute!”

Chris Sharma made the first ascent of First Round, First Minute in April 2011 and it was repeated in Feb. 2014 by Adam Ondra. Sharma did not grade the route, but Ondra said it was 5.15b.

In November, Megos sent Demencia Senil 5.15a in Margalef on his second try two years after his first attempt.

Alex Megos had an amazing 2015, as he established new 5.15as, become one of the few climbers to send 5.15b and V15 in the same year and filled it with impressive sends everywhere he went. For more on Megos in 2015, visit here.

Watch Chris Sharma on First Round, First Minute: