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Alex Puccio’s Big Day in RMNP

Alex Puccio has been setting new standards for female bouldering the past year. On April 12, she continued her steady streak of impressive climbs while climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

“Here is a shot of me from @joelzerr on my send go of Low Left Veritas V12/8A+ in RMNP yesterday,” wrote Puccio on her social media. “Tried Veritas years ago one day and thought it was too reachy so I never went back till yesterday and I guess I was wrong. It was a good day. I sent Mandix V10/7C+, Vertias V11/ 8A and Low Left Veritas V12/8A+.”

About a month ago, Puccio sent Direction V13, “Sent Direction today. The last huge move and matching in was hard for me,” said Puccio. “And got to top the day off with The Sharma Traverse V10. What a cool climb.”

Being only the first month of spring, it will be exciting to see what Puccio gets up to as the season progresses.

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