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Another Earthquake in Nepal, Closer to Everest

It’s been less than a month since a 7.8-magnitude quake devastated the capital of Nepal and hundreds of smaller settlements throughout the country killing more than 8000 people.

The epicentre of the 7.3-magnitude May 12 earthquake was 86 kilometres from Namache Bazar, the hub for climbing and trekking expeditions heading into the Khumbu region.

It was felt as far away as Tibet, India, where 17 people died from the shake, and Bangladesh. BBC has reported at least 37 people have been killed and 1,000 injured.

The May 12 earthquake in Nepal.
The May 12 earthquake in Nepal.

Helicopters were immediately sent east of Kathmandu to areas that are believed to be worst hit, but 31 of the 75 Nepalese districts were affected.

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“Another earthquake near Kathmandu,” said Mingma Sherpa. “We are scared. It’s better to die once than to die every second. Why is this happening?”

Mingma Sherpa is a Mingma Tsiri Sherpa and has summited Everest 19 times, was the first Nepalese climber to summit K2 and is a Guinness record holder. He is the managing director for Ascent Himalayas Treks & Expedition.

Only a few days ago, Gripped spoke to Mingma Sherpa said, “We’ve been busy thanking all the donors who helped us to support the Rolwaling Region [after the April 25 quake].

“We have finished distributing the food and are now collecting information about what houses have been destroyed. We are looking for more funds to help with our effort.”

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Canadian Nancy Hansen has been in Kathmandu after leaving Mount Everest’s Tibet basecamp. She’s been assisting with recovery.

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Her brother, Barry, announced that, “Nancy contacted the family this morning and is fine, but that it was scary.

“She was in her guesthouse at the time and the building shook and swayed for about 30 seconds, followed by an hour of aftershocks.

“She’s flies out of Nepal on Thursday. It seems that the government [Chinese] was very wise to shut down climbing and tell everyone to go home. This is the point in the climbing season when climbers would have been in very precarious positions on their way to the summit.”

Surely, everyone who decided against attempting Everest from the south after the April 25 earthquake, which was everyone – including the Icefall Doctors, is breathing a sigh of relief.

If there was ever a doubt about packing up and going home, that doubt is gone.