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Avalanche Kills German Mountain Guide Climbing in Patagonia

The Bavarian alpinist Robert Grasegger died when an avalanche occurred on Aguja Guillaumet

A German climber was found dead on Friday after an avalanche in Patagonia, which took place Thursday afternoon on Aguja Guillaumet in the Fitz Roy range.

An Austrian climber was also injured, while a third climber was able to escape and report the avalanche. Authorities launched a search and rescue operation with 40 rescuers and an army helicopter.

Two of the climbers were IFMGA mountain guides. A statement from the national park said the body of the German climber was identified as Robert Grasegger. The injured climber isĀ  28-year-old Ana Truntschnig, who suffered several broken bones and was being treated in an intensive care unit in El Calafate.

According to the tourism agency Mountaineering Patagonia:”Aguja Guillaumet is the ideal (introduction) to an Alpine ascent in Patagonia, for experienced climbers.”

Patagonia climbing expert Rolando Garibotti, who operates Patagonia Vertical, noted, “Communication devices are cheap, and can be crucial to save precious time. Both inReach devices and VHF radios are good options in the Chalten Massif. The frequencies and phone numbers to have programed in your devices are shown in the second photo of this post.” And that the climbers hadn’t registered, and anyone climbing in the area should register here.

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