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B.C. Climber Rescued After Big Fall on Mount Hood

The 16-year-old shattered his femur but will recover

Gurbaz Sing took a 150-metre fall from the summit of Oregon’s Mount Hood down an area called the Pearly Gates. Sing, from the Vancouver area, broke his femur in the fall.

The 16-year-old’s rescue took over four hours, according to the Clackmas County Sheriff’s office. “The Pearly Gates is a narrow chute — almost like climbing up a chimney,” said Sgt. Marcus Mendoza. “The ice gave way because it’s still early in the climbing season and it wasn’t strong enough at this point.”

The Pearly Gates are a popular route to the summit, but it’s a dangerous zone. “Professional mountaineers know that you cannot fall in that section … there’s nothing to stop you,” he said. It was Sing’s 98th summit. He’s expected to make a full recovery.