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B.C. Comp at Edge Photos and Results

The first Sport Climbing B.C. (SCBC) comp of 2016 took place at The Edge in Vancouver.

On Jan. 23 and 24, top climbers made their way to The Edge for one of the biggest comps of the season, the B.C. Bouldering Provincials.

Top senders Sean McColl and Mathilde Becerra won the Open categories, which included Youth A and Junior climbers.

Check out these photos by climber and photographer Shane Murdoch.

[shareprints gallery_id=”16295″ gallery_type=”thumb_slider” gallery_position=”pos_center” gallery_width=”width_100″ image_size=”large” image_padding=”0″ theme=”dark” image_hover=”false” lightbox_type=”slide” titles=”true” captions=”true” descriptions=”true” comments=”true” sharing=”true”]Open Female / Male

1. Mathilde Becerra / Sean McColl
2. Allison Vest / Alex Fritz
3. Alannah Yip / Elan Jonas-McRae
4. Mika Hosoi / Jesse Taplin
5. Maria Celkova / Nathan Smith
6. Tiffany Melius / Matthew Wellington
7. Alison Stweart-Patterson / Kyle Murdoch
8. — / Kin Wah Lai

Youth B Female / Male: Jani Zoraj / Guy McNamee
Youth C Female / Male: Nicole Mar / Brennan Doyle
Youth D Female / Male: Nora Roos / Ezekiel Salmon
Masters Female / Male: Trisha Jamieson / Martin Roos

For upcoming SCBC comps and more info, visit here. Full comp results here.

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