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Canadian Climber Dies on Mount Rainier

The accident occurred on one of the mountain's most popular routes

A Canadian climber fell to his death while climbing Mount Rainier in Washington state earlier this week. Chun Hui Zhang died while he was descending the Disappointment Cleaver route. He was 52.

Witnesses reported seeing a climber take a “substantial fall.” The route is one of the most popular on the mountain and is used by most climber aiming for the summit. Mount Rainier is a volcano known for being one of the most glaciated peaks in the Lower 48 states.

The National Park Service used a helicopter to access the area where Zhang had fallen. Zhang, who is from the Vancouver area, was not part of a guided group.

According to data compiled by the National Park Service as of 2022, more than 100 people have died while climbing Rainier. One of the most deadly accidents was on June 21, 1981, when 11 climbers were killed in an avalanche.

There have seen several fatalities in America’s national parks this year, including three in Montana’s Glacier National Park and three in Denali National Park.