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Canadian Julia Bobak Sends Motivation, Her First 5.14

Julia Bobak lives on Canada’s West Coast and has been progressing through grades over the past few years.

She announced on social media today that she has climbed her first 5.14a with a send of Motivation at Horne Lake.

On Sendage.com, Bobak noted after, “Really nice 5.13- climbing to a perplexing crux of core tension and technical kneebars.

“And the top was no gimme for me either, as it turned out. I understand why Dino [Dinosaur Highway] is the king line of the wall, but Motivation is pure fun!”

Earlier this year, Bobak ticked a number of other hard Horne Lake routes, including Globetrotters 5.13c, Fast Cat 5.13c and Groovin’ in the Woods 5.13b, and Baby on Board 5.13c in Washington.

As the summer winds down, there’s still a few weeks of prime project-sending days in the forecast. Congrats to Julia for the big send!

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