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Canadians Send Hard Routes in Mexico to Start 2017

Mexico is a popular place for Canadians to spend their winters, as it has a number of world-class climbing areas. West Coasters Kim and Graham McGrenere and Dan Beland are currently in El Salto with originally-from-Ontario-but-now-on-the-road Jared Nelson.

Beland has sent a number of hard routes, including Inferno De Dante 5.13d, Anyioziapan 5.13b, Fantastic Voyage Extension 5.13c and Inferno De Dante Extension 5.14a. McGrenere also sent Inferno De Dante Extension for his first-ever 5.14a. After the send, Graham wrote on Sendage.com, “Some say this is the best 5.14 in Mexico. So good! Done via the ‘direct’ method on the first pitch. Psyched to get to work on this one with Dan and Jared.” Graham ticked a handful of other 5.13s.

Kim has ticked some classic 5.12s and the must-do Camino del chino 5.13b. After her send, she wrote on Sendage.com, “Such a beautiful climb, right to the tippy top of the wall. I battled a mental crux on this one and had to fight to keep myself from grabbing the draw in the crux.” Scroll down to see some photos from their warm-weather trip.

El Salto is incredible. We have had an AMAZING first few days of climbing. Graham just sent his first 5.14, the extension to Dante's Inferno, said to be one of the best 5.14a's in all of Mexico!! The next day he went on to get his first 5.13b flashes (two in the same day!), on Camino de Chino Ext, and Tufa King Short. A lot of spray here I know, but I am SO psyched for him – he's been working so hard towards these goals. ❤️ It seems the training from the past 3 months is paying off! 💪 • Here he is on the send of the full Dante's Inferno (5.14a). • • • #climbing #rockclimbing #noplacetoofar #organicclimbing #elsalto #mexicoclimbing #limestone #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #doyouclimb #getoutside #getoutstayout #grippedmagazine #climbmoja #liveclimbrepeat #justgoclimb #iloooveit #happyclimbing #iloveclimbing #climbinglife #climbingisbliss #roadtrip #trainhardclimbhard #retirement2017

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