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Charlotte Frank Sends Battle Cat 5.14b/c

The route is unique in Frankenjura because of its length

Charlotte Frank has sent Batter Cat 5.14b/c at Frankenjura for her third sport route of the grade. The classic line starts on Cringer 5.14a, which Frank climbed in 2020. Frank was shut down a number of times by record-breaking rain falls, but persevered for the send.

“All in all, I see this route as one of my very favourites in Frankenjura,” she reported on 8a.nu. “That’s among other things because of its unusual length and the delicate movements it required.”

In 2016, Lena Hermann, 22, became the first German woman to send Battle Cat and the grade. Previous to Hermann, Marietta Uhden sent Sonne im Herzen 5.14b at Frankenjura. The route was first climbed in 2011 by Markus Bock, it involves 70 moves and requires a lot of power through an overhanging bulge.

Lena Hermann on Battle Cat

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