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China Jam on Kyzyl Asker’s South Pillar

A climb that has resulted in what promises to be one of the best films of the year: China Jam

Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva, Stephane Hanssens and Evrard Wendenbaum established a new route up the South Pillar of Kyzyl Asker, China, on September 22nd.

The four alpinists named their expedition China Jam, they reached the 5,842 m summit 10 p.m. up the South Pillar. Their route shared pitches with the 2007 Russian route.

Temperatures dipped to -15°C, they spent more than 15 days on the wall, climbed 1,200 m, pitches up to 5.12, fixed ropes, three portaledge camps, snowstorms, illness and technical terrain were the factors the climbers faced on their wildest, coldest, highest and most impressive climb to date.

Trailer – China Jam from Evrard Wendenbaum on Vimeo.