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Climber Dies at 22 in Colorado Rappel Accident

An experienced climber died while on Black Wall on Mount Spalding

Several climbing communities are mourning the death of Maya Humeau, who died in a climbing accident this past Tuesday. She was 22 years old.

Reports say that Humeau fell around 30 metres while climbing on the Black Wall on Mount Spalding. The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office said Humeau’s climbing partner called 911 and that several parties, including the sheriff’s deputies, an alpine rescue team and others responded to the scene.

Alpine Rescue official Dawn Wilson said that Humeau was on a ledge and was not secured to an anchor before her fall. Humeau’s parents, Dana Chladek and Thierry Humeau, told KDVR that their daughter was a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder and had an adventurous spirit.

“She was not a daredevil, but she was getting very serious about climbing,” her father said. Her mother said she was “so happy here,” saying she loved “living the Colorado lifestyle.”

Humeau’s Instagram tells the story of a stoked climber pursuing hard and classic climbs, such as Neurosurgeon 5.12R, Old School Executioner 5.12, Ariana 5.12 and more. Our deepest condolences to Humeau’s family, friends and climbing partners.