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Climbers Die on Popular Alpine Route

A retired guide and a younger climber were found dead on the Whymper Couloir in Chamonix

On June 1, two climbers were found dead in the popular Whymper Couloir on Aiguille Verte in Chamonix. Another group of climbers came onto the accident scene and notified the Chamonix High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon (PGHM).

News outlets in Chamonix say the rescue team arrived quickly and recovered the bodies of the climbers, bringing them to Bois de Bouchet, Chamonix. One of the climbers was a retired mountain guide named Bernard Guerin, who was 60 in 2014 when he stopped guiding.

The other climber was reported to be a 29 year old from Paris, but no name had been released. The PGHM said they believe the two fell down the route after a belay point failed.

The 600-metre Whymper Couloir is a steep route that holds a lot of snow until mid=summer, and is known to avalanche throughout the spring. Other hazards such as rockfall are prevalent throughout the summer. The route is fixed with rappel anchors.

Whymper Couloir is route 2. Topo from Camp to Camp