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Climbing Champ Sends Her Hardest Boulder

Staša Gejo repeated a classic V14 in Font last fall, the video was just released

Staša Gejo is one of the best climbers in the world regardless of whether she’s climbing at World Cup events or outdoors On a trip to Fontainebleau in Autumn she had her sights set on Mécanique Élémentaire V14, which would be her hardest climb to date.

“After three sessions last week, and falling at the swing around five or six times, I did it with frozen fingers, pumped and exhausted,” she said. “It was a battle to remember. I was incredibly happy though. I had so many people support me and push me till the end.”

In 2021, Gejo got the bronze in the World Championship. She’s won several gold medals over the years. She’s only the third female climber to send V14 in Font.


Staša Gejo’s First V14