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Daniel Jung and Dai Koyamada Send Corona 5.15a in Frankenjura

Dai Koyamada and Daniel Jung have repeated Corona 5.15a in Frankenjura, Germany. The burly route was first climbed in 2006 by Markus Bock and had a second ascent by Adam Ondra in 2009. It’s been repeated by other strong climbers, including Alex Megos and Felix Neumärker.

On Instagram, Koyamada wrote, “Today I sent Corona 9a+ [5.15a]. It was third day since my first try on Oct. 19 during this trip. After I failed just below the anchor last Friday, I was not able to try it due to a slight cold and bad weather condition. And finally crag got dry and gave me an chance to try today.

“However, it was still warm and humid and not the best condition but I was able to send it at the last go of today. It was a great route. So now, I’m glad to send the route which I really wanted to do and want to express my huge appreciation to Markus Bock for his first ascent.”

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Jung wrote on Instagram, “Sunday evening I was lucky to send my dream route Corona 9a+. It was allready 20:30 and dark. I didn’t expect any big process that go, but suddenly I stuck the crux move! After the crux there are still some moves that needed full attention, I also had to skip two bolts that made everything even more spicy.

“Luckily I didn’t get too nervous and could send it up to the top. At the end I’m happy that I took the decision to go for the original beta from Markus Bock, even if it felt a more powerfull.”

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