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Daniel Woods Sends New V16 with Box Therapy

Daniel Woods has made the first ascent of Box Therapy V16 in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Woods spent a week making the two-hour approach through snow up the 3,169 metres to project what is now one of the world’s hardest problems.

Woods reported on Instagram before he sent that his plan to wait until spring for the send changed after some snow melted.

Woods has climbed 5.15b and has a number of V16s to his name, including Creature from the Black Lagoon, Hypnotized Minds and The Process.

Throughout the year, Woods sent La Capella 5.15b, First Ley 5.15a and Jungle Speed 5.14d.

Climbing magazine’s James Lucas was on hand for the send and wrote a great article about Woods here.

“He worked through the climb, linking from the second move to just past the crux,” said Lucas. “The finish proved too wet for an ascent still, and so he waited—again. Woods returned four days later, on the final day of a short fall weather window in Colorado, and sent the problem after seven total days of work. It was just in time, as another snowstorm hit the area yesterday with predictions of eight inches of snow in the mountains.”

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