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David Baar is 54 and Sends Lee Harvey Oz Wall 5.13+ in Strathcona

On Sept. 16, David Baar redpointed the route Lee Harvey Oz Wall at Crest Creek Crags in Strathcona Park, B.C. after many attempts this season.

“Current opinion is that route is about 5.13c/d and it is presently the hardest route at Crest,” said 54-year-old Baar.

Baar, who has been in the area for five years, said some long-time local developers are, “The Heathens Club members: Chris Barner, Ahren Rankin, Paul Rydeen, James Rode, Garner Bergeron and others.

Lee Harvey Oz Wall 5.13 c/d. Photo David Baar

“It hasn’t had many ascents since the first ones by Chris Fawbert and Rick Higgins in 1998, partly because the holds are so sharp and it has a particularly tough, bouldery seven-move crux on thin feet at the very top.”

Baar went on to say that the 15-metre climb is “hard to do more than a few tries on in a session due to fingertip wear.”

Crest Creek Crags in Strathcona Park has about 75 climbs, with most settling in around 5.10 and 5.11. The rock sits adjacent to highway 28 near the western boundary of Strathcona Park, about an hours’ drive from Campbell River.

The crags are about a 10-minute walk from the road and rise above a logging road and some powerlines. The rock is basalt and cracks tend to be discontinuous, which is why the routes are mostly bolted.

Watch this short video from Alex Ratson of some aid climbing at Crest Creek.