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DiGiulian, Woods and Ghisolfi Send Euro Hard Routes

A number of top climbers have reported about hard late-winter sends in Europe.

Daniel Woods has climbed First Ley 5.15a in Margalef, which he climbed while projecting the full-length route called First Round, First Minute 5.15b. Woods also climbed Jungle Speed 5.14d.

Matty Hong and Jon Cardwell have climbed Estado Critico 5.14d and Anna Laitinen has sent Pati Noso 5.14c.

Sasha DiGiulian sent the 45-metre Full Equip in Oliana, Spain, a test-piece 5.14b. Watch below.

Stefano Ghisolfi climbed a new 5.14d in Arco, Italy, he called Ultimatum. Last fall, Ghisolfi attempted Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish, but left town without a send. Watch his Ulitmatum climb below.