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Dinara Fakhritdinova is First Russian Woman to Send 5.14d

She's one of the country's top comp climbers with a number of podium finishes to her name

Crusher Dinara Fakhritdinova, 28, has climbed Max Factor 5.14d at Bakhchisaray in Crimea. She’s the first Russian woman to send the grade.

The first ascent was by Vlad Shevchenko in 2019, and it was repeated by Dmitriy Fakirianov. Fakhritdinova’s send is the third ascent of the powerful route. She first tried the route in October, and returned this year to project it.

Fakhritdinova wrote about Max Factor on her site here. She climbed it on her seventh attempt of this year.Β She was the European Lead Champion in 2013 and is Russia’s current Lead champion. Furthermore, she had previously climbed 5.14a and 5.14b, but never a 5.14c.

Fakhritdinova on the Rock