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DMM Asks Climbers to Inspect Harnesses

DMM has issued the following notice and. “Following the discovery of missing structural sewing on a DMM Brenin Harness during a routine inspection by an end user, we are issuing the following information to users of all DMM harnesses, and asking them to carry out a visual inspection on the key structural sewing on their harnesses.  This is the first instance of this product fault in the history of DMM harness production. As both the manufacturing and quality control processes on the Brenin are shared with our other harness models, we feel that issuing a precautionary instruction advising climbers to check all DMM harnesses is the appropriate response. Upon notification of the missing structural sewing, DMM immediately initiated a full investigation and quality control audit on harness production, carried out a 100 percent re-inspection of all harness stock, and are now issuing this request for user inspection.”

DMM ensures this is not a recall and that you can easily inspect the structural sewing, which you can learn about here. There have been no reported accidents or injuries. For more on the inspection see here.

DMM Inspection