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Emily Harrington Rescued After El Cap Fall, Will Be O.K.

The top climber sustained injuries to her neck, but reported that she will recover

Emily Harrington was rescued after taking a fall while climbing on El Capitan. The top climber reported on Instagram that she will be O.K., along with some images of injuries on her neck.

Harrington has been trying to free climb Golden Gate 5.13 from the base to the summit in a single day. She attempted a few weeks ago with Alex Honnold belaying her. Harrington first sent Golden Gate in 2015 with her partner Adrian Ballinger.

After her accident, she wrote, “I had an accident yesterday on El Cap. Iā€™m banged up but gonna be O.K. thankfully. Not much to say except I took a bad fall and pin balled a bit then somehow hit the rope with my neck.” Read more below.

Harrington on Golden Gate