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Enenko and Iker Pou Climb New Alpine Face in Peru

It's one of the most serious new alpine routes to be climbed in the range this season

Brothers Enenko and Iker Pou have climbed a new 600-metre alpine mixed route up the unclimbed south face of Nevado Huamashraju Este in Peru.

They named it ¡Viva Perú Carajo! and it goes at M7 80° and follows “thin slivers of ice that, sneaking between the rock, cross the entire wall like a spider’s web.” They climbed it alpine-style, freeing the route in a 15-hour pus from bottom to top.

South faces in the Southern Hemisphere are equivalent to north faces in the Northern Hemisphere, and at an elevation of over 5,000 metres and with temps down to -15°C, it was full on alpine conditions.

“We were at 5,350 meters and a world of mountains and valleys opened up all around us: the north face of Cashan (5,686 m) that we had climbed for the first time in 2019, the imposing Huantsan massif and, behind us, Huascarán, the king of the Cordillera Blanca.” Watch a video from the FA below.

New Alpine Line