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Epic North Twin Backdrop to Remote Rockies Ski Line

Jon Walsh and Kylee Toth ski a fun line on the remote Mount Woolley

Jon Walsh and Kylee Toth have made a rare ski descent of the south couloir of Mount Woolley, an area famous for giving a perfect view of the north face of the North Twin on the Columbia Icefields. Longtime Rockies’ Ian Button said it’s been skied before and that on couloir off Woolley is known as the Woolley Wiggle.

Walsh and Josh Wharton were the last two climbers to ascent the nearly 1,700-metre wall back in 2013 after they made the second ascent of the North Pillar, first climbed in 1985 by Barry Blanchard and Dave Cheesmond. Read about it here.

Walsh and Toth recently made a descent of the southeast face of Mount Diadem, which is next to Woolley, read about that ski line here. To access the north faces of the North Twin and Mount Alberta you have to approach via the Woolley Shoulder, which also gives these viws of the huge north walls. It’s worth a trip in summer, even if you’re just planning to spend a night in the Lloyd MacKay Hut.

The clear conditions gave Walsh and Toth a chance to witness some big serac falls, which you can see in the photos below. What a day out!