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Ethan Pringle Sends New 5.14+ Everything is Karate

Ethan Pringle has sent Everything is Karate, a new 5.14c/d near Bishop after a number of days on it. On Instagram, he wrote, “YEESSSSSSSS!!! SENT!!!! MANAGED!!!! Everything is Karate 5.14c/d. Felt really focused today and zeroed in on the most subtle details for the send.”

The steep granite route is like no other said Pringle, stating, “I can’t emphasize enough how sick this line is. An all natural overhanging 14+ on granite. How many lines like that can you think outside of Norway or Austria? If you “have the level” you gotta get on it next time you’re in Bishop.”

Pringle is a 30-year-old crusher known for hard sends, such as the second ascent of Jumbo Love 5.15b at Clark Mountain, Realization 5.15, Wheel of Life V15 and Slashface V14. He recently made the first ascent of the gear route Black Beard’s Tears in California and onsighted Iron Man 5.14b.

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In the following podcast, Pringle talks about training, climbing and depression. “I think that’s one of the big prevailing theories about rock climbing is that if you’re not strong enough to do it in a handful of tries, you need to go train,” said Pringle.

“There’s so much to learn on just one move. There’s so much to learn on an entire rock climb, whether it’s five moves or 500, you know. Whether it’s The Nest or whether it’s the Dawn Wall, or whatever, there’s just so many pieces of information that fit together to make, like, a flawless send or just a send.” Have a listen below.