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Free Solo Now in Merriam-Webster Dictionary

And other climbing words that appear in the dictionary

It’s been announced that the term Free Solo has found its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The film of Alex Honnold’s first-ever free solo of Freerider on El Capitan rocketed the term into people’s lives who otherwise wouldn’t have a clue about what it means.

The film recently took home seven trophies across the seven creative arts categories at the 71st Emmy Awards and took home an Oscar earlier this year for best documentary. The entry into the dictionary also included free soloist(s) and free soloing/free-soloing.

Free-climb was also listed as an entry. Below are climbing terms as they appear with their proper spelling in the Merriam-Webster. Some climbing terms, such as top rope appear, but sometimes don’t have a climbing reference.

free solo noun

Definition of free solo: a climb in which a climber uses no artificial aids for support and has no rope or other safety equipment for protection in case of a fall

free solo verb

Definition of free solo: to perform a free solo climb of a rock face, climbing route, etc. : to climb without the use of artificial aids or safety equipment

free-climb verb

Definition of free-climb: to climb something (such as a rock face) without using aids for support

bivouac noun

Definition of bivouac: a usually temporary encampment under little or no shelter / encampment usually for a night / a temporary or casual shelter or lodging

toprope noun

Definition of toprope: a rope for the hoisting or lowering of a topmast (sailing term)

rock climbing noun

Definition of rock climbing: mountain climbing on rocky cliffs

rappel verb

Definition of rappel:: to descend (as from a cliff) by sliding down a rope passed under one thigh, across the body, and over the opposite shoulder or through a special friction device

summited verb

Definition of summited: to climb to the summit

prusik knot noun

Definition of Prusik knot: a knot that is used in mountaineering for tying a small sling to a climbing rope as an aid to one who has fallen into a crevasse and that holds fast when weighted but is movable when unweighted

carabiner noun

variants: or less commonly karabiner
Definition of carabiner: a usually D-shaped or oblong metal ring with one spring-hinged side that is used especially in mountain climbing as a connector and to hold a freely running rope

piton noun

Definition of piton: a spike, wedge, or peg that is driven into a rock or ice surface as a support