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Gobright and Reynolds Link Three Yosemite Walls in a Day

Watkins, El Cap and Half Dome

It was none other than Alex Honnold who broke the news on Instagram that top big wall climbers Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds climbed three El Cap faces in a day.

“Big congrats to Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds for climbing Watkins, El Cap and Half Dome in a day,” wrote Honnold.

“And it was Brad’s birthday! No better way to celebrate a birthday than doing so much climbing in a day that you feel 100 years old for the next week… And super proud effort by Jim and Brad. Congrats on the Triple!”

The only other climbers to link the three walls are Dean Potter and Timmy O’Neill, Dave Allfrey and Cheyne Lempe, and Honnold and Tommy Caldwell.

“I went out to the top of Watkins with Honnold and Sanni McCandless to bring these two snacks, protein shakes, advil and water,” said photographer Ted Hesser.

“So cool to play a small part in their successful link-up of the Triple.”

In 2012, Honnold and Tommy Caldwell climbed the three grade VI walls all free in a day in 21 hours and 15 minutes.

Honnold and Caldwell climbed the South Face of Watkins in two hours and 50 minutes, then Free Rider on El Cap in 6:45 (via headlamp) and the Regular Route on Half Dome in five hours.

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That’s over 2,000 metres of free climbing up to 5.12+, and about 75 guidebook pitches climbed in less than 30 pitches – via simulclimbing through 5.12.

Shortly after Honnold and Caldwell linked the three wall, Honnold returned and soloed them in a day using aid- and free-solo techniques.

He completed the triple link in 18 hours and 45 minutes and said after, “Soloing big walls sure makes me sleepy.”

I just entered the third decade of my life with a spectacular Yosemite linkup with @chimney_jim ! We climbed Mt. Watkins the afternoon before, then the Nose that night and finished on the NWF of half dome in the morning. We started Watkins at 4:30 pm then finished HD at 11am the next day. Since I can’t sleep in past 6:30 am I ended up going almost 40 hours without sleep. I also realized I was 100 feet runout in the middle of the night on the boot flake the exact moment I turned 30! A big thanks to @alexhonnold and @sannimccandless for picking us up off the summit or Watkins and driving us to the base of El Cap. Great shot by @tedhesser of Jim and I on top of Watkins. @gramicci @evolv_worldwide @frictionlabs @bluewaterropes @metoliusclimbing @zealoptics @boldbrew

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