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Jakob Schubert Sends 5.14d, Austria Open for Climbing

He made the third ascent of the Alex Huber route

Jakob Schubert took advantage of his country not being on lockdown due to the coronavirus lately and made the third ascent of Alex Huber’s classic Weiße Rose. The route was sent in 1994 and is considered one of the hardest routes of the 1990s.

First graded 5.14c/14d, Adam Ondra made the second ascent in 2008 and suggested 5.14d and possibly 5.15a. The crux is a dyno from a bad undercling to a bad hold.

In 2012, Ondra made the second ascent of Open Air at Austria’s Schleier Wasserfall, a route first climbd by Alex Huber in 1996 and graded 5.14d. Ondra felt it was the hardest climb he’d redpointed by then and said it was harder than any of the 5.14d or 5.15a routes (La Rambla, La Novena Enmienda, Weiss Rose, PuntX, and Action Directe) the Czech he’d repeated that year. Huber was ahead of his time.