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Jernej Kruder Sends New 5.15a with Dugi Rat

Jernej Kruder has made the first ascent of Dugi Rat 5.15a at Omis in Croatia.

“2018 couldn’t have finished better,” said Kruder. “Four year project on Vrulja sent, probably the hardest route in Croatia.

“It was a very special moment yesterday in this small climbing area with barley more than 20 routes. Thanks for making the last day of the year so special.”

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In 2016, Kruder made the second ascent of Chris Sharma’s Es Pontas 5.15b, a steep route up an arch rising from the sea in Mallorca. He also made the first ascent of Massacrate 5.15a in Slovenia.

In 2018, he won the IFSC Climbing World Cup in bouldering and is known for his hard outdoor sport and bouldering sends.

2018, a year that couldn't surprise me more, of course in a good way. I began this year with a bit different approach and with not so many goals, but to enjoy climbing as much as I can. I focused more on outdoor climbing, because I knew how much I miss it during the World Cup circuit. There I prepared my body and mind, and achieved one of the craziest goals- I won my first World Cup. Not that I just won one competition, but I managed to keep my head cool and take the overall win. With all the other international bouldering events, I never got worse than 8. It means a lot, because I haven't dropped my shape till the end. Same with outdoor ascents. Did so many good ones, including 9a route and second 8c boulder for Slovenia. I also found time to spend in the mountains and the year is not really finished yet. Let see what the last day of the year can bring. ? My friends, stay positive in 2019! ♥ ?: @vladek_zumr @luka.tambaca @torjo · @scarpaspa @morphoholds

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