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Jon Siegrist Sends Nu World, New 5.15a/b Near Las Vegas

The top American climber has climbed over 350 routes 5.14 or harder in the past 15 years

Jon Siegrist, 35, has made the first ascent of Nu World near Las Vegas and graded it 5.15a/b. The crag is still in development, but Siegrist said there are dozens of high-quality hard lines to be climbed.

Some of his most notable sends are Jumbo Love 5.15b at Clark Mountain in 2018; Pachamama 5.15a/b, Joe Mama 5.15a and Chaxi 5.15a all in three weeks in Oliana in 2017; Dunn Westby Direct 5.14 V alpine route on The Diamond in 2016; 12 boulders V12 or harder including Jade V14 in June 2015; first ascent of Enter the Dragon 5.14a trad at The Fins in Idaho in 2012; and over 350 5.14s or harder since 2007.

Siegrist made the first ascent of Hundred Proof 5.15a at the Potosi Cave in Nevada near Las Vegas earlier this year.

“Since I started in 2004 my climbing has been in constant evolution,” said Siegrist. “I’ve really learned to love the process involved with setting goals and striving to achieve them. Hard climbing is invariably defined by more failure than success, but every once and a while I manage to get things done. The feeling of hard work rewarded with accomplishment is incredible; it’s what keeps me going.”

Siegrist Projecting Nu World

In 2018, Siegrist visited Canada for a month and repeated a number of test-piece climbs in the Bow Valley, including the second ascent of Gobalt Gecko 5.14c at Planet X.

Mike Doyle, top Canadian climber who was also in Canmore at the time, said, “It’s been difficult keeping up with all of Jonathan’s ascents the last few weeks here in the Bow Valley.

“He says he hasn’t been projecting, just cragging. Well, here he is using his Jumbo Love 5.15b fitness and power for quick ascents of both Prime Time and First Flight (both 5.14c). Not bad for just ‘cragging.’ Congrats!”