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Jonathan Siegrist Climbs New 5.15b at 5G Near Vegas

After spending time in Spain, he returned home to complete a longstanding project at the limestone crag

Top American climber Jonathan Siegrist has made the first ascent Event Horizon 5.15b at the 5G Crag near Las Vegas. It’s the direct finish to Nu World, which Siegrist opened in 2020 at 5.15a.

“I felt in some of the best shape ever after returning from Spain so with some training mixed in, I went straight to work on this monster,” said Siegrist. “It was such a pleasure to unlock the methods and challenge myself on this route, but I was pretty convinced I’d not have time to finish it before my next trip.”

During a recent trip to Spain, he climbed several routes at 5.14d or harder and flashed up to 5.14b. Just before his trip to Europe, he climbed Close Encounters 5.15a and The Day the Earth Stood Still 5.14c/d, both close to Las Vegas.

“Just when I started to feel close, of course the stress about the route began to creep into my mind,” said Siegrist about Event Horizon. “The route has three hard sections: The first a long and sustained boulder problem. The next a vertical ‘Fins’ style crux section. And the final, an enduro technical part with no rest until the anchor. I thought for sure if I made it through the first two boulder problems I would be safe.” The first boulder problem is V13 and the second is V10/11.

“In reality, when the perfect try came, I was fighting to the death on the very last few quickdraws. Screaming and barely holding on for several of the final moves. Feeling like there’s nothing to lose and every reason to try hard.” Other hard routes at 5G include Black Hole Sun 5.15a, Alphanumeric 5.14b, Amplitude Test 5.14b, Dielectric 5.14a, High Voltage 5.13c and Dial Up 5.13c. Siegrist just uploaded information on 5G to The Crag.

Some of his most notable sends are Peruvian Necktie 5.15b, Jumbo Love 5.15b at Clark Mountain in 2018; Pachamama 5.15a/b, Joe Mama 5.15a and Chaxi 5.15a all in three weeks in Oliana in 2017; Dunn Westby Direct 5.14 V alpine route on The Diamond in 2016; first ascent of Enter the Dragon 5.14a trad at The Fins in Idaho in 2012; and over 370 5.14s or harder since 2007.

Peruvian Necktie FA