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Jorgeson Hosting Sterling’s Freedom to Focus Podcast

Sterling, a leading manufacturer of rope and life-safety equipment, today announced a monthly podcast series called ‘Freedom to Focus,’ hosted by professional rock climber and co-star of The Dawn Wall, Kevin Jorgeson.

Each podcast episode will feature a detailed account of incredible experiences from people who work and play at height.

In episode one, Kevin speaks with climbing guide, Angela Hawse about her rocky journey assisting the first amputee to reach the summit of Mount Everest and making the first adaptive ascent on the mountain.

The first episode of the Freedom to Focus podcast is available today on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play.

The podcast series is part of Sterling’s Freedom to Focus campaign, which celebrates the accomplishments of those who work and play at great heights: climbers, arborists, firefighters, rope access technicians and utility workers.

Across many industries, Sterling understands how important it is for athletes and professionals to completely trust their gear and have the freedom to focus in order to be bold, courageous and continue to take risks.

“Sterling has spent the last 25 years creating products that give our customers the freedom to focus on the task at hand,” said Liz McLellan, Director of Marketing at Sterling.

“We want to celebrate those zen-like moments, where people feel their gear fade into the background, and focus on accomplishing the unthinkable. We’re excited to bring these stories to life with our podcast series and throughout the year with our Freedom To Focus campaign.”

Host Kevin Jorgeson, is a Sterling athlete who is best known for completing the world’s most difficult climb, the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. His climb was featured in the documentary, The Dawn Wall, which recently premiered at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival.

“The Freedom to Focus podcast is rooted in curiosity, which is what drives a lot of things I do,” said Kevin Jorgeson, professional rock climber and podcast host.

Kevin Jorgeson Photo Corey Rich

“I’m curious to learn from this series about what helps people thrive at height. I know climbers are an obvious slice of this population, but I’m looking forward to sharing different perspectives from arborists, firefighters and others with our listeners.”

The podcast will debut with climbing guide, Angela Hawse’s epic journey assisting the first amputee to summit Mount Everest, including hallucinations, cyclones and more.

Next month, Episode Two will feature Rachel Brudzinski, an arborist who suffered a traumatic back injury after her partner cut her from her rope in a rescue attempt. Facing next to zero options she agreed to a high-risk surgery and a one per cent chance of being able to climb trees again.

She trained like an Olympian, made an incredible recovery and went back to work to set up a training program for arborists in the New York Botanical Gardens to ensure accidents like hers wouldn’t happen again.

The Freedom to Focus podcast will air each month. Click here to hear the first episode and check back on the Freedom to Focus site for more details on upcoming episodes. Join the conversation online with #FreedomToFocus #podcast.

About Sterling

Sterling is a premier rope and life-safety company dedicated to bringing climbing, rescue and utility safety products into the 21st century.

For the past 25 years, Sterling has been developing and manufacturing the world’s finest ropes, hardware and related gear, giving climbers, arborists, firefighters and utility workers the ability to focus on the task at hand.

From its headquarters in Biddeford, Maine, Sterling engineers, technologists and craftsmen build on advanced R&D, customer needs analysis, innovative manufacturing and stringent testing to perfect every aspect of production and create the industry’s most versatile and highly-rated equipment.

Sterling ropes and cords fit seamlessly into any pack and enable the Freedom to Focus.