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Le Temps Suspendu is New 280-metre A3- on Cap Trinité

The nine-pitch route took Tom Canac three years of projecting and cleaning to complete

Cap Trinité is one of Canada’s most famous granite big walls. It rises above the Saguenay River in eastern Quebec and is home to a number of aid and hard free routes.

Tom Canac has finished a multi-year solo-aid route up the wall and called it Le Temps Suspendu A3- 280 m. His exaltation to complete the route is clear in his lengthy and detailed route report that you can find here.

Canac thanks fellow Quebec climber Hugo Drouin for his book Roche Ice and Fleurdelisé, which inspired him to take on the three-year challenge of learning about the techniques required to pull off such an impressive feat.

The pitches go: 5.10 30m, 5.10 15m, 5.9+ 20m, 5.11 20m, 5.9 A2 40m, 5.4 A2 30m, C1 40m, A2 40m and A3- 40m. For photos from the awesome looking new route, follow Canac on Instagram below.