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Man Falls to Death from Mount Temple in Banff National Park

The experienced hiker fell around 1,000 metres. The peak is well-known to climbers and hikers and should not be underestimated

Mount Temple in Banff National Park. Popular rock climbing

A scrambler died this past weekend after falling from a popular trail in Banff National Park. The accident took place on Mount Temple, a 3,543-metre peak famous to rock and alpine climbers for its north face routes and classic East Ridge.

The Edmonton man was with a group of experienced scramblers on Saturday when he lost his footing while scrambling the classic and loose trail up the southern slope. He slipped on a patch of snow and ice and fell around 1,000 metres.

Emergency services received a call about the fall shortly before noon. “The male unfortunately succumbed to his injuries,” Const. Lauren Mowbray said in a release. “Lake Louise RCMP send their condolences to all involved in this tragedy.”

There’s still a lot of snow in the Canadian Rockies heading into the middle of July, and even some avalanche hazard. The peak’s most sought-after technical climbs include The Greenwood/Locke, The Greenwood/Jones and the East Ridge.