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Mark Synnott’s Book is on Alex Honnold and El Cap

Mark Synnott is one of America’s top big wall climbers with first ascents all around the world.

Synnott announced the release on his 49th birthday: “I’m proud to announce the forthcoming publication of The Impossible Climb: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Climbing Life (in stores March 5th).

This book represents the culmination of a journey that began 34 years ago when I first realized I wanted to spend my life climbing. I followed my own climbing arc from young and bold to older and more cautiousin my ways, and one memorable day in Borneo I met an extraordinary young man named Alex Honnold. With encouragement from The North Face, I took Alex on his first four international expeditions.

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“It was on one of these trips that he confided to me that he was contemplating a feat that would redefine human potential—and not just for the people who knew him. Years later, when Alex pulled over the lip of El Capitan on June 3, 2017, wearing nothing but the clothes on his back, a pair of rock shoes and a chalk bag, I was there to bear witness.

“In The Impossible Climb, I use Alex’s mind-bending free solo as a tent pole to hold up a deeper story about modern climbing, why we do what we do, and how our sport has evolved to the point that a guy like Alex could achieve something that most of us thought impossible. The Impossible Climb is available for preorder on MarkSynnott.com and at all your favorite book retailers. I hope you enjoy it.”

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