Many climbers can climb V14, many climbers climb 5.14d, few climbers can climb both. Sean McColl is proving he is not only Canada’s top rock climber, he is one of the world’s top rock climbers.

After an extended road trip where he focused on tackling blocs, he has moved back to Europe. While in the States, he made the first ascent of Top Sirloin V14, and repeats of Meadowlark Lemon V14, Too Many Martinis V14, Coeur De Leon V13, Li V13, Sarah Jessica Parker V13, Thrilla Manilla V13, Phantom Limb V12 (flash,) Liane V11, El Condor Pasa (“Escape Velocity”) V11 (flash,) Better Build Your Woodies V11, and many others.

Shortly after returning to France, McColl roped up at Le Joncas, a 30-metre limestone crag, and tried a climb named Nadesdja. He sent the 5.14d on his second go, McColl said, “Second try! I Just wanted to try the moves and it fit me perfectly. Bouldery, high feet, big moves, a mono and a finger lock finish. First 9a, 14d I’ve done on my second go!” It was the first 5.14d climbed at the crag.

Joncas, photographer Xavier Malafrosse captures vibe of the crag as Aurelia Blass climbs on.

Photographer Xavier Malafrosse showcases Joncas as Aurelia Blass climbs on.

Watch McColl’s Hueco Tanks video here: