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Michi Wohlleben Sends Hard Trad then Gets Bacteria Infection

Michi Wohlleben has repeated Prinzip Hoffnung at Burs in Austra, which gets the grade of F8b/+, basically 5.14R. The famous trad test-piece was first climbed by Beat Kammerlander in 2009.

Wholleben is a multi-skilled climber who became a UIAGM mountain guide when he was only 21. He’s also sent E9 and done serious speed climbs of the Eiger’s north face. Wohlleben’s send of Prinzip Hoffnung is the eighth after Kammerlander, Alex Luger, Jacopo Larcher, Fabi Buhl, Babsi Zangerl, Christian Bindhammer and Nemuel Feurle.

Shortly after his send, Wohlleben reported on Instagram that he was diagnosed with having a septic bursitis from a small cut in his elbow. He said that he’d been climbing too much and too hard and that his run-down body couldn’t fight off the bacteria. Read below. Long story short is to always get your rest.

Imagine a life without injuries. A life without failures? It would be boring and we would feel like robots. Since two years I didn’t have a bigger injurie maybe because I managed the volume of training quite good. Since autumn I trained definetly a bit more in climbing + some winter alpinism hits but it worked out pretty well with the sent of ‚Prinzip Hoffnung‘ a few days ago 😍. A route which I only tried by accident because @nadinewallner tried it and I jumped in thx Nadelina for our good time there! After the sent I already told her now I‘ll make a break of one week because I felt a bit tired. This realization ended the next day with a double session, morning hardcore bouldering and evening route climbing🤣🤷‍♂️… The next morning my elbow was twice as big as it should be, fever and so on. A septic borsitis from a small cut in the ellbow, a f***g bacteria jumped into my body and the immunsystem wasn’t strong enough to protect it. What do we learn from it? Better stop when you feel tired. But I know from several injuries the time flies and normally you are stronger than before…let’s see. 🤞… Thx @klausisele @therapierbar_vorarlberg convincing me to go to hospital 🙈🙏. #injurie #timetorest #adidasterrex #julboathlete #scarpaclimb #climbing #pureontour #comebackstronger @adidasterrex @primaloft @scarpa_de @julbo_eyewear @petzl_official @garmin_beatyesterday @leki.ski.outdoor @pureathleten

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