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Mont Blanc Speed Ascent Done with Roped Partner

Denis Trento and Robert Antonioli have climbed the Innominata Ridge (1,000 m D+ V+ 60º) on Mont Blanc in a mere six hours and 10 minutes.

It’s one of the fastest recorded ascents of the route, if not the fastest, but the surprising thing is that the team was roped up.

In 2016, Ueli Steck climbed the ridge in nine hours and 25 minutes and later said that he wasn’t going for a speed record but just out for a fun day.

Innominata Ridge

The speed record was set by Kilian Jornet when he climbed from Courmayeur to the summit of Mont Blanc via the famous Innominata Ridge in six hours and 17 minutes. He hurried down to Chamonix for a total time of eight hours 42 minutes.

You can find the trip report here, which includes the following by Trento, “The immediate idea was to climb the Innominata Ridge. The reasons for this are diverse: first of all because of the beauty of the climb, secondly because it’s a direct line and, last but not least, because this route served as some form of comparison for two of the world’s reference points for modern fast alpinism, Ueli Steck and Kilian Jornet.

“Since we are both less talented, and moreover since we’re both fathers, we couldn’t in any way compromise our climbing safety. We improvised our plan in just half a day and this contributed significantly to the weight of our gear.”