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Nanga Parbat Winter Team Calls it Quits

The Nanga Light team with a Canadian connection have turned around from camp four.

In 2015, Elisabeth Revol and Tomasz Mackiewicz were only 300 metres from the summit of the 8,126-metre Nanga Parbat when they turned around. They were one of many teams who had attempted the first winter ascent.

Elisabeth Revol amd Tomek Mackiewicz Photo Montagna.tv Facebook
Elisabeth Revol amd Tomek Mackiewicz Photo Montagna.tv Facebook

This year, they stopped at the 7,200-metre camp four. With the world following along on daily Facebook updates, it seemed this was the year. Unfortunately, the weather turned and high winds forced them off. They might make a second attempt, but it depends on conditions.

Canadian Louis Rousseau supplied Revol with information on his Austrian Gerfried Göschl’s 2009 route. Rousseau reports that Revol and Mackiewicz likely climbed some of the Austro-Canadian and the Messner route.

A few days before, Polish Adam Bielecki took a fall when a fixed rope failed. He is part of one of the many other teams pushing for the summit of Nanga Parbat. “Fortunately, Daniele Nardi (climbing partner) was securing me with the second rope,” Bielecki wrote on Facebook. “In spite of the long fall, I’m ok just with slightly battered right hand.”

There have been around 25 teams attempt Nanga Parbat in winter over the past 27 years. For more winter action on the 8,000-metre peaks, visit here. There are still a number of teams that might attempt Nanga Parbat this winter.