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Naomi Prohaska is 15 and Reaches Mount Logan Summit

Naomi Prohaska is only 15 and on May 24, she reached the summit of Mount Logan after two years of training.

The Pemberton, B.C., local is the youngest climber to reach Canada’s highest point at 5,959 metres. The followed King’s Trench Route and stopped at a number of camps on the way.

I am made it! I am the youngest person who has summited Canada's tallest mountain, Mt. Logan(5959 meters)! I cannot believe I achieved my goal and that this journey is over. First of all I need to thank my family. That have supported me and kept me focused for 2 years! Then thanks to my friends that have encouraged me. Everyone who wished me good luck and congrats have impacted me greatly. This trip wouldn't have been possible without my sponsors and wouldn't have been a success without my great team. Thank you so much to @mec @peakperformance @nomadnutritionco @mtnberrylandscaping @jiacondon @richprohaska @fortybelowltd I wish all of you could have seen the view from the top. I can't wait to tell my story to so many of you in person. #youngestoncanadastop #mec #logan2017 #peakperformance #eatlikenomad

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“When I was at the top, I was super happy and super excited but I couldn’t be relieved because you’re only halfway. You still have to go down. It’s a different feeling than other sports where you cross the finish line and you’re done,” she told CBC North.

“When I got to base camp was when I could sit back and go, ‘Whoa. I made it all the way up there.’ Then I was so excited — just sitting in my tent smiling.”​

Prohaska was joined by her father who has climb Mount Logan eight times. “The biggest challenge was the end of summit day, said Prohaska to CBC North.

“We were coming down after a long day and it was windy, I was getting really cold, and bad weather was coming in.”